Why Simple Beats Complex

Foto por Daniel Mingook Kim em Pexels.com One of my guiding principles is that less is more and simple beats complex. I was asked recently why this is the case. I wrote a whole book on this topic that even says “Why Simplicity Trumps Complexity in Any Investment Plan” in the title. While I can’t … Continue lendo Why Simple Beats Complex

Predicting the Future is Hard

In April of 2001, Lin Wells from the Pentagon drafted a letter to President George W. Bush with a subject line that read: Predicting the Future. It was just one page in length: His conclusion was as good of a prediction as you can make about the future: I’m not sure what 2010 will look like, … Continue lendo Predicting the Future is Hard

Financial Matters

Foto por Tom Fisk em Pexels.com “If I were an executive coach, I would try to focus each individual on the facets they can control. Emphasizing what’s in your control allows you to adopt an attitude of equanimity toward luck. You’ve done all that you can, and from there you have to live with the … Continue lendo Financial Matters

10 things I believe about investing

Foto por Tima Miroshnichenko em Pexels.com 1. I believe simple beats complex, but simple is much harder to implement because complex will always sound more intelligent and feel more comfortable to buy into. 2. I believe investors spend far too much time worrying about their buy or sell decisions when patiently holding onto an investment … Continue lendo 10 things I believe about investing

Os dez melhores livros que eu li em 2020

Nada se cria, tudo se copia. E essa pauta foi descaradamente copiada do blog do Ben Carlson :D. É em inglês, mas façam um esforcinho para ler, o conteúdo é muito bom.   Vi o post dele sobre os melhores livros que ele leu no ano passado, e decidi fazer o meu.   Eu já … Continue lendo Os dez melhores livros que eu li em 2020